5 secret Tours - A new way to discover your city !

 Plaza Mayor, Madrid (Watercolor credit :  Laura de Breuil )

Plaza Mayor, Madrid (Watercolor credit : Laura de Breuil)


Have you every wanted to visit Madrid differently uncovering its history but also its hidden gems? We offer walking tours with a 5 secret places philopshy - centered around learning about the history of a place but also its locals customs and hidden gems.

Our principles is simple : the more people come in contact with local culture on a smaller scale, the more respect and gratitude they will develop.

Currently we only offer the "5 secret places" Walking tours in MADRID but we are developing our network as we speak !

 We always favor smallers groups so everyone feels included and locals don't feel trampled !

We always favor smallers groups so everyone feels included and locals don't feel trampled !

Madrid Private Walking Tour Excursion

Duration : 2-2h30

Capacity : Flexible

Language : English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

Content : Full overview of the History of Madrid from the beginnings of the 8th century until the 21st - with special focus on economy, politics and "secret" corners of Madrid.

(Tours adaptable for english learners as well - see below)

Private tours ( by reservation )

This tour is for people aged 9 to 99 years old.

Throughout this 2h/2h30 tour, we focus on Madrid's history from its beginnings to today, with a special focus on the post-Franco era. We will see some of the main points of Madrid city (like Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Almudena Cathedral, el Palacio Real...) but also go to more local areas like the La Latina barrio (the bohemian part of Madrid) or the Lavapies barrio (graffiti lovers you'll love this one !).

Our philosophy is that for each spot we visit, we reveal a 'secret' piece of information that does not feature in your typical guide books.

Each tour is also an arena for discussion - as our tour guides are trained to interact with their group. Our idea is based on an exchange of knowledge - we share you a part of one culture and we invite you to share something about your culture too !

Tours for beginner's level English:

Having worked in education before starting this project - we especially wanted our tours to be flexible learning opportunities.

As we know that language-learning is also a visual experience - we wanted to offer an activity that was educational but also fun. All of our tour guides are bilingual and so offer live-translations during the tour when needed.

We adapt our level of english (or french, or spanish, or dutch) to that of the group and tailor the tour to make students (but also adults) feel comfortable enough to interact.

Don't be afraid to join - our tours are made to make friends !

We invite teachers to take prior contact with our guides in order to discuss the educational program they are following and see what didactic angle they want the tour to take.


Each tour is a 100% adaptable to the teacher's program and we hence invite teachers to join one of the tours for FREE before organising one.


A note from our current Madrid tour guide :

"Hi there !

First of all let me introduce myself; my name is Lauren and I have been living in Madrid for the past years conducting research about its history and cultural offer.

I hold a C2 level fleuncy in English, French and Dutch and a C1 level in Spanish. I also hold a degree in Art History as well as several other academic courses. (All references and academic degrees can be sent upon request).

Doing tours in Madrid is a passionate job as there are many conclusions the tour can take - and as an art historian but also cultural advocate, I offer tours with a 100% academic researched base, as well as objective discussion routes centered around for example :

-Multi-culturalism : what is it and how does it benefit us
-Sustainable travelling : how do we prepare our future generation of travelers
-Alternative Arts : What other art forms are there to discover in Madrid?
-Architecture : What types of architecture can we see in Madrid and why
-Critical Thinking : What is "real" and what is "not" when we study history
-Politics : What presence does it have in Madrid? (independance mouvements, auto-gestionated centers in madrid, immigration)
-Feminism : What presence does it have in Madrid and how can we participate?
-Food : Why is studying food culture important and what is "real" Spanish Food?"


Please contact us for more information & reservations !

Prices : Donation based tours

Because we cannot put a price on culture - we operate on donation-based principle in order to pay our tour guides and add to our funding. Considering the amount of work and effort (and quality) put into it, we suggest a minim of 10 € and up per person (but prices are negotiable for groups).



Since our school-specific tours can be adapted to the teacher's programs - we allow teachers to come join our tours for free, in order to see the tour guide's style and content. We take in account teacher's efforts to come up with a suitable educational program for their students and hence look to allign our mutual goals.

Teachers are more than invited to join one of our walking tours (FOR FREE) to come check out the style, see if they like it and discuss with the guide afterwards the didactic angles they would like the tour to take if they would like to organise group tours.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a tour.

All the best and we hope you enjoy your experience in Madrid :-)

For more information & Bookings :

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