Hidden gem researching

From the cute little cafe with the hidden terrasse where you lose track of time...

To the abandonned amusement park that you can only access by car...

To that one restaurant that serves the thinnest pasta in the world... 

At 5 secret places - you are not paying for the hidden gems. You are paying for the service of having someone personally research your future travel plans. 

We do this by alternating what is commonly visited and what is not - consulting our team of experts who have travelled extensively, consulting locals, but also by researching though books, guides, forums and articles. Our team is also proudly multi-cultured, making our access to ressources easier and in several languages for the same results.

Each one of our packages is tailored to the individuals travelling style  as we send out surveys asking for detailed information about their travelling "goals" are.

But how do we make sure hidden gems remain "hidden"?


In recent years tourism has received a bad name when associated to mass tourism and consumerism. Highly worried about this, our main idea behind the project was  to promote a way of travelling that allowed people to gain more awareness on their impact and also their "manners" when abroad.

With the widespread use of social media allowing mass tourism - we wanted to go back to the principles of selective tourism - meaning we wanted to make sure our travellers would be more selective about where they went and how they went - and helped contribute to the conservation of culture rather than its fast-paced consumption and ultimately destruction.


That is why each individual can ONLY access our services AFTER having read, approved and signed our pledge.


Read for yourself and join the exclusive club...



The 3-day Weekend Getaway Package :  3 to 5 gems

In this "package" we research and reveal 3 to 5 different places to visit within one destination. It is especially popular for those leaving on a weekend but that want to make the most out of it. It comes with exact locations and also explanation of each place we pick. This package is great for small trips that you enjoy either alone, with friends, family or your lover. In fact, it is the favourite pick for romantic getaways !

(Price offers are sent by email)

The ¨8 days Holiday¨ Package : 8 to 10 gems

8, is on average the perfect number of days for a holiday - just enough to take a few days to unwind that stress from back home - immerse yourself into a place long enough to forget about it all, and return back without having missed too much. For those on the 9 to 17 job - this pick is perfect as it offers an amount of gems that will guarantee you never get bored during your holiday ! 

(Price offers are sent by email)


The ¨Road-Trip¨ Package : 15 to 20 gems

The Road-trip package is actually one of our favourites - because it allows for an in-depth study of a place, and lets us broaden our scope. The wider our range, the easier it gets for us to separate the common from the hidden gems. The average travel period here is 3 weeks.

(Price offers are sent by mail)

The ¨Wanderlust¨ Package : A monthly subscription

Our latest addition - especially designed for travellers that are choosing a long-term travel plan, but have no idea how long they will stay in one place or another. We offer you the possibility to ask for gems each month (up to 10 gems per month) and is renewable every year.

(Price offers sent by mail)

The ¨Travel roulette¨ package : Pick a destination for me !

And what if you knew what you wanted to do, but you didn´t have a clue where to go? Based on your detailed preferences, we choose for you not only 20 gems, but also the DESTINATION! The destination tries to accomodate the type of climate you like but also the kind of things you want to experience and most of all the budget you have. We organise a skype call in order to understand more the personality of the traveller and his or her taste and come up with a destination that will leave him or her excited to buy their next plane ticket !

(Price offers per mail - including phone interview)

The Customized Tour : draw me a route

This is for travellers who need help drawing out their route.  Perhaps you're looking for a route of festival-hopping over the summer so you can sell your handmade jewelery, or interesting ports where you can dock while sailing in Mediterranean waters. Or maybe you´d like to PLAN your trip AROUND  humanitarian work and YOU would like us to find  places FOR YOU to go to Everything is possible with the Customized Tour - just tell us what you want and we´ll find it. 

(Price offer sent by mail)

Didn't find what you were looking for?

If you have any other special requirements don't hesitate to contact us by email. With every new day we are open to new demands.

In the mean time, we thank you for choosing our services - someone will get back to you within the next 7 days to feed those fantastic travel bugs!