Are we really asking for donations?

5 secret places is not just a service. It is a crowd-funded project for an upcoming book.

We are writers, tour guides, researchers, academic students and wanderlust-aficionados working on an in-depth-study about the hidden gems of the world - what they mean and where can we find them. 


All year-round we work our day jobs and then do this as an extra. 

This is why this call for donations is important to us : to help us fund our dream and our project of bringing awareness to travelling sustainable and also give back to the NGO's and associations who are already working to achieve this.

We work in close collaborations with a series of partners and foundations who, like us, want to offer sustainable tourism.

By injecting a small monthly sum of money in our piggy bank - you will be allowing us to fund our book project : help us pay our monthly domain costs and publication costs - feed, sleep and wash ourselves while on the road researching - and most of all donate to the local associations and NGO's that help us out.

Think about it as a sponsoring for a project that you hold close to your heart as much as we do.

Where do the donations go?




Monthly donations :

one-time donations :

  • 10 $ assures 1 good meal for a day
  • 25 $ is the price per month for our internet domain
  • 50 $ assures a full gas tank for our road trip
  • 100 $ assures 1 full weekend of food+sleep+shower for our researchers
  • 200 $ is the average price for a ticket to a new destination


Thank you from us !

(and don't forget to leave us a message !)