Travel Journal

Travel journal is a collection of personally written articles as well as sponsored posts about some of the hidden gems we've uncovered. Sometimes we work for a publisher asking us to research a place - and sometimes we just do this for fun.

8 Cool "Museums" in Madrid you never knew existed !

If you think visiting a museum is boring - think again ! Sometimes not all museums are filled with tourists - and sometimes not all of them are visible to the naked eye - and there's a good reason for it - find out why and plan your trip to Madrid with these gems we've discovered !


10 weird and remote cemeteries to see in the world

Cemeteries are places where thoughts can navigate freely while you strole amongst the resting place of the dead. A place of architectural masterpieces at times - but also curiosities. At 5 secret places we have selected for your 10 cemeteries you should include in your next travel itineraries - and here´s why.

chicago metro uk.jpg

10 once-in-a-year unusual events to live in the world

It is uniqueness that gives value to what we live. Here are some  one-time events in the world that you need to plan ahead for in order to live them - and trust us, you won't be dissapointed !

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