We are currently looking to expand our team with :


-Tour guides (Worldwide)

-Travel writers (remote)

-Travel researchers (remote)

-Community Managers


As a tour guide :

You will be in charge of leading groups through the destinations you are currently living in. The job will require great communication skills, an extroverted personality and ethics which match ours. We want our tour guides to take it upon themselves to lead tours as an experience, not just as a history lesson. We want our tour guides to share their passion, not just their time. Most of all, we want our tour guides to have a least some experience in guiding small and large groups and are flexible with their schedules. Last but not least, if you have experience in education, you are just what we're looking for ! Let us know where you live and where you are able to do the tours and we'll schedule you in for an interview. 

Required :

-Good level of the local language you are touring in

-Good level of English and any other language

-Experience with groups

-An entuhusiastic and positive attitude



As a travel writer :

You will work on assignment. We are looking for individuals with strong writing skills and strong research skills. Must have travelled extensively and is able to think outside the box. Most of all, we want your writing to be original and personal. You will be asked to provide a list of all the places you have travelled to and lived in. And last but not least, we want our writers to have experience in travel writing, so samples will be asked. Contact us via e-mail below.

As a 5 secret places travel researcher :

We are looking for individuals who have travelled extensively and off the beaten track; people who agree with our values and who are capable of conducting research with a critical mind. All of our researchers double-check the information they provide and truly have a knack at researching destinations. The job requires excellent writing skills and a passion for travel as well as knowledge of at least one extra language. Age does not matter, but we do need people who are able to work remote and are computer litterate. Contact us via e-mail below.

As a community manager :

As our community of travellers is growing, and most of all seem to be more and more connected through each other through social media - we need to stay connected with them as well. That is why we are looking for a community manager to help us out - mainly to stay connected with the 21st century !

As a partner :

We are always looking for partners who want to help us out through our adventure while we give a helping hand too. If you are an NGO, a tour guiding company, a travel agency, school or business who adheres to our values - we'll be happy to hear from you. Our only requirement is that your agree with our pledge and that, much like us, you are connected to a charity or NGO that gives back to local communities. Contact us via e-mail below.

Want to join us?

Write us an e-mail saying which job you are applying to and send us your CV, examples of some of your writing or destinations and a motivational e-mail. For partners, send us your ideas. You will be contacted back shortly.


Good luck and hope to have you part of the team soon !

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